Mum buys ‘paperweight’ for 50p at yard sale – years later finds priceless hidden contents

A woman recently got a big shock when she realised the paperweight she’d had for five years wasn’t actually a paperweight.

Jessica Roberts from Wellington, New Zealand, has gone viral on social media after sharing the bizarre story.

The mum explained that her son initially found the heart-shaped item at a yard sale and asked if they could buy it, she agreed because it was $1 (about 53p).

She’s since had it in her home, but after stumbling across a similar item for sale on Amazon, she realised that it wasn’t what she thought it was.

Instead of a paperweight, it was actually an urn she had and after looking inside she realised it was full of someone’s ashes.

In a post on Facebook, she wrote: “So a few years ago I was at a yard sale and Braiden saw this heart-shaped paperweight looking thing and wanted me to buy because he wanted to give it to me. Who can argue with that logic it was only $1.00…

“So I was sitting here looking at random things on Amazon and I see the same paperweight being sold for $30.00 and click on the picture to see what is so special about it and well it’s a type of urn for small amounts of human or animal ashes.

“Now I don’t know what to do I had noticed before that there were screws and a cover on the bottom and assumed it was for sand or something….do I open it? Do I throw it away? If I’ve learned anything from horror movies this is how you get haunted.”

Jessica later updated her post to say she looked inside and found the ashes, so she shared a photo of the urn in hopes that she could find whoever it belonged to.

After her local paper ran a story about it, she was contacted by a man, who said the urn was his wife’s and the ashes were her late father’s.

The urn had been lost years ago when the woman left an abusive partner who had kept all her belongings out of spite.

Jessica has since met with the man to return the urn and speaking to Bored Panda, she said: “He plans to surprise her with the urn Christmas morning and her father’s remains can finally rest where they belong—with her.

“After how miserable 2020 has been, I feel truly honoured to be able to bring someone a little bit of joy for the Christmas season.”