Kid Rock commits 6 figures to Barstool Sports fund for small businesses

Kid Rock announced in a tweet on Monday that he will commit $100,000 towards Barstool Sports’ fund to support small businesses impacted by coronavirus-related restrictions.

“THIS IS THE AMERICA I LOVE!,” the singer-songwriter wrote. “Put me down for 100k. And I only post this in hopes others as blessed as me may be moved to help out.”

The celebrity’s contribution appears to be the second largest donation made to the fund so far, behind that of Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy himself.

Portnoy announced the initiative last month and has pledged to contribute $500,000 of his own money towards the cause.

In order to qualify, businesses need to keep an active payroll. The Barstool fund will help the small businesses that are chosen pay off whatever costs they have in order to stay afloat until the pandemic is over.

“Hopefully we can save as many small businesses as humanly possible,” Portnoy said in a video message.

Small business owners in need of help can submit an application at

Those interested in helping can also make a tax-deductible contribution directly to the fund or by purchasing one of the shirts on the Barstool Fund website.

According to Barstool, 100% of the net proceeds will go towards supporting small businesses.